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Citizen Otto
out now

The latest book
containing Otto's
adventures is
out on Tellerup.

100+ pages of life and death - and other fun subjects!

"Losers, beware!"
My new project: "God hates losers" which features a Darwin-like character and his struggle against God himself is coming on great!

"A cat like Feline"
Last year I started drawing the childrens comic book "Feline". Using the "nine-lives"-mythology I let a cat witness nine possible lifes of Otto. "Feline" is still a work-in-progress.

In the mind of a retired professor.

Otto en América
del Sur

If you live in Ecuador you can get your daily dose of the Otto strip in Diario El Expreso. Others will have to settle for this online gallery:

Tegneseriestribe Otto Anders Brønserud
Tegneseriestribe Otto Anders Brønserud